The lore for the roleplay: Greetings, reader. Faux Reverie is a psychological and surrealist horror roleplay revolving around the terrors of dreams and universes, as well as the simple horror of deception. This roleplay contains themes of paranoia and deceit, and all characters are advised by to lie and cheat as much as possible. Lying about your past and motives is very advisable. Trust is a fickle and useless thing. Some of the topics shown in this story may be triggering, so do beware. That being said, the story until the present day is as follows:

You have been drawn to a rather small, yet strangely comfortable sounding village by the name of Alluicid. Whether by your own will, or by happenstance’s hand throwing you here, you have made your residence in this sleepy village situated right by a coastline. The superficial lack of activity from the locals feels more than stifling - as if something were on the verge of erupting onto the quiet stillness - but this was somewhat what you were looking for in a new residence. Nothing of importance is happening. It should be noted, however, that this village has a tinge of paranoia tainting it; perhaps there is a reason behind the uncomfortable silences this place has to offer. It has been three weeks since you have moved in. Horrific, terrifying nightmares have started to plague you. You have started seeing phantasmagorical, abhorrent beings fashioned from the very fears your life has revolved around, as well as… general fears one has about living. An intensely saturated, seemingly empty world presents itself in said dreams. The buildings tilt and yet stand, and there seem to be no rules nor familiarity to any of the places. A hauntingly alien and yet familiar world. There seem to be no signs of life, save for the clusters of monsters lurking about. As you go about your day, the world seems… hazier than usual. Your arms and legs and head seem to fill with lead at times and looking in the mirror grants you no relief, for you can only recognise the very monsters chasing you, infecting your body and morphing you - even if it were a tiny bit - into something entirely different.

As no doctor nor therapist in the area is willing to treat anyone suffering from such a bizarre condition, the only people in the world who have known themselves to experience the same phenomenon come together.

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