Your journey takes place on the Island of Scelian. A place of magic, mystery, and oddity, its connection to the myths and truths of the Feywild are well known. The Island's climate and the very skies are reflective of this connection to another plane, with each region divided into four distinct seasons. The Verwood to the west, The Aestan Plains in the south, The Autumnal Bog to the east, and The Hiems mountain range to the north. In this place, even the Sun's Cycle obeys no laws. With the Verwood and Aestan Plains in perpetual daylight, the Hiems and Autumnal Bog are eternally shrouded by night.


Most adventurers find their start in the City of Eventide, which lies in the center of Scelian. Caught in a state of perpetual twilight and built atop a central lake fed by the melting icecaps of the Hiem Mountains. Eventide Lake divides into three large rivers that branch into surrounding regions, feeding the land with it's crystalline waters and freshwater fish. Its dominant season seems to vary by the whims of chance, however it rarely moves to extremes of climate or weather. Surrounded by high walls, the City of Eventide is a collection of magically constructed land masses. This grand city offers a center of learning, culture, and safety in an otherwise untamable world...

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