It's been years since people have been making real versions of Danganronpa. Though. It always seems to be the same.

A robot mascot. No staff. A way to escape. Motives that really just make people hate each other.

**We've decided to change that! **

A rich man who is so much of a fanatic, that he gave us one of his summer homes (a decently sized mansion in the middle of the French alps), that we are able to have sixteen lovely, wonderful, ultimates staying with us for their time off of school!

Now. You're probably thinking. Why don't you just do an island or a warehouse, or something?

There's much too many of those.

We've decided. A new Era of killing games, start now.

  • Submissions are open, and will be until June 25th!
  • You can submit a max of 3 characters, though only 1 will be getting picked!
  • Tupperbox is allowed.

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