Server name: - NEW Server - Terminus Expansion|1PP|Map|Party|Cars|Airdrops|NoTraders|C4Raid|Loot+|Weapons+] IP:

Our server is mainly focused on raiding, basebuilding and PvP. Airdrops are enabled to give people an opportunity to grab some high tier items, while also providing a place for people to look for PvP. Traders are disabled, to make looting, raiding and airdrops more vital. The joy of finding that one rare weapon or storage-item that you've been looking for all week! You don't get that as much on servers with NPC-traders enabled. We do however encourage people to trade with eachother (use our Discord). This increases player interaction and still gives people a higher chance to get what they're looking for. Killing someone you're trading with is not allowed (Same goes for ambushing)! We've enabled all the mods and settings that we believe will help the PvP experience (Watch below).


  • 2 Airdrops every 60 minutes.
  • No NPC Traders.
  • Lots of extra weapons enabled (Mods shown at the bottom of the page)
  • Increased overall loot, but with certain items being extremely rare!
  • Auto-Run enabled (Shift+Z, Z for auto-walk)
  • No Stamina
  • Party system (max 6 in a group)
  • Map (M) and (3d)markers + pings are enabled
  • Expansion Walls
  • +Custom storage options
  • Vehicles
  • Saline Bag+ (To increase health, if you're not full)
  • Raiding enabled. Two C4 or four Rockets to blow up a base wall.
  • Ear plugs (P)
  • Remember to read the rules!

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