This is a world where the majority seeks the eradication of the minority, where truth as old as time has been horrifically twisted to justify the persecution of a superior race: Tribloods.

This server takes place in the year V-001, a year into the Morse accident, where an innocent was murdered in cold blood, mistaken for a "parasite". In fact, these supposed pests are simply Tribloods, but with enough brainwashing, sympathy is the last thing they can receive from the rest. Cruel jealousy forces these beings, long deemed to be "parasites", to hide in plain sight, or die.

After the confirmation that Tribloods may still exist, the Palen government, as well as E-lap, an organisation also keen on being rid of this race, hosts mandatory tests at the age of four. Any child failing, to their premature horror, faces early death, gladly accepted by grieving parents.

However, Tribloods are not sitting ducks. A few purebred families have lived among the public and are even famous, keeping their deadly secret. There is even a school, keeping children aged 15+ safe. ...

"Safe". To ensure their survival in the real world, they are tested again and again amongst the normal students, to the point safety seems to not be the priority.

With the simple rule of "Don't get caught", purebreds and stronger hybrids must survive no matter the cost.


This is a new server revolving around a world where a whole race is persecuted against. Now with a range of different characters to play (some require a certain level), such as Anti-Triblood squads, Tribloods, hybrids or neither! Now with more areas than just a school to roleplay in.

With an interesting plot and different features, we hope to draw any daring members in.

•Currency system with items in store to help your character •Systematic fights during events to give even the newest member a chance against the oldest •A new, revised item trading system to earn goods, and sell for currency •Special drops for a chance to win items or more!

There's much more to discover upon joining.

Newest update(s): •Three new cities added •Anti-Triblood forces

Future updates: •Guardians

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