Welcome to the Skyblock and Dungeons Server! We are a Discord Server for the popular Gamemode Hypixel Skyblock. We hope u wanna join our small community at this point.

-Giveaways You can participate in weekly Giveaways and have the chance to win 1mil Coins in every Giveaway! You can also sponsor Giveaways and get a little shoutout for spending coins to the community.

-Bots! Yes we have all the popular Skyblock Bots that show u for example ur networth prices of items and much more..

-Trading We offer many ways to trade with other people, we have auction, trading and essence channels you can sell everything u want ;) btw scammers get banned

-Dungeons We offer lfg or tactic discussion, also we added a system about carrys :yea: You can get carried in F1-F7 or even become a carrier urself and earn some coins!

-Staff Our small staff team at the moment (me and the owner) are looking forward to communicate in the best way with our members. When time arrives we'll also get Moderators on our Server. Stay Tuned! 3-5 Business Days ;)

We hope u join our Server after a short description what we are doing ;)

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