Silent Gods (gpo crew)

Looking for a crew? This is a good one for you if you're chill and considerate,

We've built a cozy community and what I strive to create is a crew where when anyone needs help, help is provided,

If anyone is bored and has no one to play with, they are accompanied, If you don't know what to do and need assistance no problem!

You just wanna make friends with a game in-common? that's fine!, come join

We have crew private servers, to help you level up! or just chill out

I host weekly training events, game-nights and (we have some cool upcoming lore)

No fruit requirement and only LVL 100 required to join a division I know it's tough so I'm here to help I hope you find this crew to be the one for you!

Tournaments, Events, Giveaways and fun stuff too (can't wait to see you!)

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