Welcome to the server. Made 3/31/2021 Thank you for checking out our server The Great war of the Realm. This story is a continuation of a story known as Omnis rebuilt. We ask that you are respectful and polite. The Story is set in a fictional world simply known as 'The Realm' The major countries are: Empire of Hel, Halidom of Ylisse, The Dynasty, Omnis Postatum Regnum, and the Aurian Coalition It is set in the era of WWII

Note that you must make a character to access most of the features on our server.

What we have to offer

-A world map
-5 major countries to hail from
-A world that has inspiration from many 
other story elements that make a unique story
-2 bots - Tupperbox and Dyno
-A friendly staff
-All are welcome

Description of Current events

The war between Omnis and Hel have begun to unfold. With their might army the empire of Hel seeks to conquer the realm and do with it as they see fit. But for Omnis it is a battle of survival. On the surface it seems to be a regular war but as you delve deeper into the story it is revealed that there is a sinister secret lurking in the shadow of war. Who knows what will happen? Will the Omnians defeat such a great foe? Or will the Empire of Hel continue their conquerous ways and cause the world to fall into chaos and war? Find out in our story.

||-Also an nsfw zone (must make a character to access)||

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