Hello! We're looking for members for a new NSFW, Comfy, Kinky, Hentai/Porn/Nude server! LGBTQ+ friendly! Our server is very weeb friendly with multiple bots automatically posting porn/hentai from many NSFW reddits. There will always be new content every day! We also have a self-love nudes channel where you can post nudes and get all the body positivity you need. Only here to lurk? No worries! Lurk away and enjoy the porn. There are many different categories of porn and hentai on the channel so there should be at least something that fits your fancy. Looking for a sex-friendly community to socialize and make friends? Well, we also like making friends. ;3 We have multiple gamers in the group with people gaming from ESO to Monster Hunter to Stardew Valley, so if you wanna just play a game with some kinky people our server is the place to be. Hope to see you there!

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