★ ⌒ KPOP FRUIT BASKET! ੭ ,, ෆ ︶︶︶・✦ Loading.... ⇢ ︰꒰:sparkles: ~ Annyeong, fellow K-Pop stans!

┊:teddy_bear:๑︰Looking for a server where you can grow your k-pop knowledge? A place where you can be yourself with several other musical minds? Say no more! Join our server, Kpop Fruit Basket , where you can form a bond with people who have the same musical interests as yours :musical_score: You might even form wonderful friendships with some of our members! No matter where you come from or what you do, you'll have a special place amongst the people of our server. :revolving_hearts:

︰꒰:thought_balloon:・Q. What all can we do here? There is a wide variety of fun bots here which you can use! Dank Memer, Tatsu, Mudae, Birthday Bot, Minju and tons more! We're sure you'll enjoy something. :dizzy:

┊:crescent_moon:๑︰Q. How is this server special? This server is mainly made for those who like K-pop (We welcome those who like other musical genres too <3) and so, we have daily updates of Weverse, VLive, Youtube and other social media platforms on which the artists upload so that you all can stay up to date with what your beloved artists are doing~ :star:

︰꒰:baby_bottle:・Q. Are there some fun roles and channels here? We have roles to suit almost everything and everyone! :sunflower: Choose from a diverse collection of colours to showcase your uniqueness. We have multiple channels, other than the main chatting zone, for different languages, genres and games. :rainbow:

Our server is based on different themes :feather: That is, our server design and overall concept keeps changing so that the old theme doesn't get boring. So, watcha waiting for? Don't hesitate and c'mon in~ :blush: (Note: The server is currently under development/construction and thus, we'd appreciate if you help us grow our server ^-^)

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