welcome to ꗃ ⋆ ࣪ . ꒰ ivy's cafe! ꒱? . ‹? ⁀➷ read the ⁀➷rules! ⁀➷ grab some ⁀➷roles! ⁀➷ ping staff in ⁀➷verification!

have you always dreamed of being in a discord server, where you feel welcomed and accepted for who you really are? well, look no further! this server started with my own awesome friends, and ends with you! yes, you! so, don't hesitate! here are some cool perks to enjoy while you're here:

⁀➷ lgbt, agere, and system friendly! ⁀➷ cute emotes! ⁀➷ purchasable color roles! ⁀➷ lots of fun bots! ⁀➷ awesome community! ⁀➷ mod applications opening soon!

i really look forward to seeing you, so don't wait!!! ^_^

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