Main Info • Lgbtq+ friendly • Small server • Weird emojis • Chill people • Many bots • Don't join if too sensitive but also don't join and be an ass • Gamming channels • Anime talk channel • Art channels to share •Mostly 14-17 but it's for all ages


This server is about hanging out with people, and I don't want it to grow too big. It's a small server for people to all hang out and talk. The theme of the server is just about my name (Myth) and then a bunch of mythical things. If you find the way of me running my server to be selfish then well guess what it is because it's my server :). If you get too offended this is not the place for you, we are all really friendly but can make weird jokes. it's a SFW server besides the NSFW channels. We have a bunch of channels for different games where you can show screenshots or just talk about it. There is an anime channel to talk about anime you watched and all that. Our emojis are very strange and you can request more but I don't know how long our boost will last. we are mostly made up of kids from the ages of 13-17 but if your older feel free to join for we do have our beloved KingOwl who is an adult as well <3 just don't be weird or make me feel uncomfortable having you in here. Oh, to the people who vent about stuff you shouldn't in Gen well we have a venting channel so if you want people who care to respond go in there so you don't get offended. Bully anyone and I'll ban you even if I end up becoming your friend. I'm not here for drama so whoever I say I hate more is gonna be gone. If you couldn't tell I have been through stuff and i'm not sugar coating this server. Don't get me wrong its nice and cool place to hang out just don't fuck with me. Have fun and make friend <3

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