/!\ Requires verification upon entry /!\

We're a 18+ kink-oriented server, striving to keep our community as free from drama and toxicity as possible.
Whether you're curious, new or experienced in kink, you're more than welcome here!
Feedback is seriously appreciated in order to make the server the best experience it can be.

● (18+) ID Verification Required (no logs kept)
● Drama free, 420 & LBTQ+ friendly, inclusive for all kinksters!
● Leveling & Leaderboard system to show your engagement
● NSFW content (teases, nudes, porn, hentai)
● Poof (Snapchat-like) system for auto-deletion of pictures after a given time!
● Constantly evolving custom bot!
● Varied Self-Roles
● Curated Emotes selection
● Chill chat & Welcoming community
● Education channel where you may ask your questions about Kink or sex in general!

Come on and join us! We're fairly new but do our best, and we hope you'll like it here ♥

Invite: https://discord.gg/p25p8784pM

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