Welcome to the Dominance and Obedience. A server where you the women hold the power towards males. We are a safe space for women and men to explore femdom and female superiority. Education and Female Dominance focused. We require participation from everyone. No lurkers Allowed!

Our verification process is designed to eliminate any underage individuals from accessing the content here and to protect our members from illegal interactions with underage individuals. Also, this is to ensure people are the gender they say they are. Some of our members are here for IRL reasons, not just RP and we want to make sure when you are speaking with a female you know that person is a female and vice versa for males.

What we offer:

  • No Findom in the server.
  • We are an 18+ server, no underage members allowed.
  • Set rules & regulations for user safety.
  • Friendly and Active Community.
  • Women are in control in this server, females have total authority over males through special roles and perms.
  • Kink friendly, no kinkshaming.

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