Professor Naomi's PokeLab is an inclusive, family friendly server where you can hang out and have fun with friends. We take great importance in making sure our community is made up of only outstanding people, and that anything against the rules is handled swiftly. We strive to build friendships between all of our members, and create lifelong memories. You can talk about Pokemon, as well as other videogames and everyday things, in our communication servers. You can show off photos and screenshots of your games or of things in real life on our photo servers. You can hang out with your friends, or meet new people in our Club Rooms. You can stream to our members in the streaming servers. All of this and more is available in PokeLab, but our most important aspect is Professor Naomi's PokeStore. You can buy fully costumizable, legal Pokemon for extremely cheap prices. Do you want to participate in tournaments or battle with friends, but grinding the perfect Pokemon is too much of a struggle? Maybe you want rare shiny Pokemon. Whatever it is, you can purchase the Pokemon of your dreams from the PokeStore. Everything is customizable, from the Pokemon's nickname to their nature and more. Not only that, but you will recieve your order quick and carefree. Once you place an order, all you have to do is wait until it is completed and ready. And depending on how large your order is, this process could take less than an hour! So what are you waiting for? Join Professor Naomi's PokeLab and become apart of an outstanding community. Make friends, talk about videogames, play in tournaments, take part in giveaways, stream to all our members, and more!

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