No one really knows the true story of how Midgardia came to be. Many people have their own stories and theories. Although no one knows which of those stories are true, Midgardia is a land in which the land is split up into three large kingdoms. Wulfgard is the kingdom of the north, Renwood which is the Middle kingdom. Finally Finndara, the kingdom of the South. The land is filled with many magical creatures and races, although a strange power is afoot in the land, it hides the shadows. Rumors talk of a dark and ancient evil, which lives in the Forests of the land.

Welcome adventures to Midgardia, Midgardia is a medieval fantasy rp server. In which your able to play almost any race and character you want. We allow OCs and none OCs, although we prefer OCs. Here you can let your creativity roam. The question is...will you choose to help the land and your kingdom. Or will you choose to work in the ways of the Dark...the choice is yours.

We can't wait to see you in the server.

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