Hello there, this is a nice server where you can chat with other members, roleplay, play games with the others, and more! We have a nice staff and a very chill community. We also have a ban appeal that will be sent once a member will join our server. You will have to verify by clicking a reaction from a message. If you'd like to report somebody, please go to the reports channel and click the reaction to get a ticket, it will send you to a special place where staff can claim your report and deal with the rule breaker(s). Remember to follow our rules and be nice to others, please respect their pronouns, and if you aren't sure what pronouns to use, feel free to ask them. We can offer you:

  • Nice staff members that will deal with any kind of problem
  • A very chill owner and co-owner
  • Some bots you can play with ( example: Dank memer )
  • Giveaways!
  • Some roles you can get for yourself
  • Many audio channels you can speak/stream in!
  • A LGBTQ+ friendly community

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