A digital art-centred Discord server!

This server is for anyone that is interested in digital art- artist or not. Here we can chat about art, other topics, play with bots, and just chill out. There are also giveaways, events, and other things like polls. The server is fairly new, so it's still quite small, but we plan on growing! We hope to grow a large, friendly community of people that just like digital art. The main point is to just meet new people (or not) and have fun :]

》?VARIETY OF ART CHANNELS 16 channels devoted to digital art for a variety of topics- showcase, advice, commissions, etc.

》?OTHER ART CHANNELS Many other channels devoted to other mediums of art, including music, photography, and writing!

》✏ART PROMPTS BOT A bot that gives you an art prompt, either through a description, emojis, colours, etc.

》?GIVEAWAYS Giveaways for server members and server boosters, for Nitro, gift cards, server currency, etc.

》?DIVERSE ROLES Many different roles to personalise yourself in the server- teams, DM accessibility, pronouns, and colours!

》?GLOBALCHAT A channel that connects to all other servers with the same channel through a bot! Talk to other servers!

》?MULTILINGUAL This server is primarily English, but there are text and voice channels dedicated to all other languages besides English.

》?PLURALKIT We welcome our DID systems and roleplayers! This server has Pluralkit available in all channels.

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