What is the channel?

Well, we're a lot like a family, though we're a bit more themed with RPs, but you don't have to have a character sheet. What can we do here?

We're pretty open, but still in development. Cussing is allowed, but please keep it to a minimum. ERPs Are to be kept in NSFW channels.

Also, try to play nice. What Roles are there?

There are: Kingdom Citizen, Castle Resident, Mods, Yusei, and Kaiba. Yusei and Kaiba rolls are locked, do not ask for them. The Kingdom Citizens is everyone for sure. Those in the castle are those I feel closest too. I'm not picky, there will be many. The Castle is mainly mods and fam for me.

What is with the Provinces?

There's the castle, the capital city, and the Provinces. The provinces are for the Mods. They are like Dukes and Duchesses. I'm not in complete control of them. For more information on them, please talk to the mod in charge. These provinces will be locked for a special role access. The MOD will give you the role if they so choose. Different mods, means there may be different requirements. Is the Queen the one in charge? While yes, I'm in charge, the mods are my council, and the Server Owner has total say. Chain of command is as follows for the General area: Yuna, Me, Yusei, Mods.

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