Ask no questions, and you’ll be told no lies.

Welcome to Nighttime in the City, an original character roleplay server where humankind has existed in a hierarchy of their secondary genders: alpha, beta, and omega. Every person has a certain set of physical and mental attributes dependent on which of the three categories they present as. This server is staged in modern-day New York and very limited northern New Jersey, where the streets are bustling with hardworking city-dwellers, low-lives, and shifty criminals of all different races and backgrounds. The crime rate has never been higher, although it’d do well to pretend like everything is alright and turn a blind eye to it all. Got it?

This is an original-character roleplay, and all characters must be human, and eighteen and up. It is literate to semi-literate paragraph style, with no exceptions. If you are not familiar with the alpha/beta/omega dynamic it is explained on the general information page. Once the ten-minute cooldown is up, feel free to say hello or ask questions in the #new-lobby!

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