Our community is heavy on mentoring and one-on-one coaching when and where possible. We want you to be able to take ownership of trades but to do that, many times you need mentoring on learning how to be successful. We will teach you technical analytical methods, provide coaching on individual ways you can improve your performance based on how you actually execute a trade, and provide additional training classes on entry-level to advanced stock trading strategies.

We believe in transparency and are as open about failed trades as we are successful trades. Our winners far outweigh the losers, so we have zero reason to conceal when a trade goes bad. We also believe in providing a quality service for a quality price. Our community has one flat fee - no further up charging and bait-and-switch schemes.

0.66₵ PER DAY gets you full access to the community and mentors!

Join the Community & Get Access To:

  • Daily Communication From Your Mentors During the Live Market

  • Live Trades from your Mentors and Fellow Community Traders

  • One on One Teaching and Coaching from your Mentors

  • Daily Stock and Option Watch Lists

  • Algorithm Alerts for Stock and Options Scalp and Swing Plays

  • Algorithm Alerts for Golden Sweeps, Sweeps, Block Trades, Insider Trades, Dark Pool

  • Algorithm Alerts for Crypto Breakouts Numerous Bot Services for Automated Charting and Market Data

  • Breaking News Alerts

  • Tweet Alerts

  • YouTube Alerts

Join here: https://discord.gg/YEvJcM3xJc

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