─────────✧Cosmic Café✧─────────

Hey, fellow Human! 'Sup, looking for a Public SV of your Dreams? Yeah, this server isn't umm like uhh that tho...but, trust me, join us and you will definately not regret it... :)

We have: -

• Unique Space themed channels, roles, SV emotes. • Healthy community, where everyone respects each other. • Tons of familiar, and, non-familiar BOTS. • Music channels. • Giveaways. • SV Events. • Chance to express your emotions via Anonymous Confessions?. • Share your writings, poems, storys......basically anything in Writings channel. • Spam channels.

We respect each other, and expect others to do the same, you're most welcomed in our SV, let us cherish it together.... - CC Members

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