Dead Cat Mountain Studios We are a small Roblox development team working on some projects to be released sometime soon. Our Discord server offers the following:

  • Updates/announcements on any of our projects

  • A friendly and toxic-free place for all to come and chat

  • We welcome everyone (13+) no matter your race, gender identity, religion, etc

  • Fun channels to play around with bots that offer some interesting and fun games

  • We plan on hosting Roblox game nights regularly

  • We have quite a few Lil Darkie emojis lol along with others as well

  • A very easy verification system to gain access to the whole server (it's as simple as clicking a button)

  • Easy to follow rules that are basically common sense

  • Very chill people here

  • Self roles to describe yourself a little and more

So if this sounds appealing to you then come on down and join us! We'd love to have you here! You could make some new friends too but please be aware we are a small server right now but we do have an active community for the most part and if you join you would just be adding onto that activity and help us grow! (A note to all of those who want to rob with Dank Memer bot: Robbing is disabled in our server because we do not want that, we just want to have fun and be chill. I have to put this here so we don't get people joining just to try robbing as we have had too many times. Thank you for understanding.)

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