Hello there fellow con player! Are you looking to release you primitive urges and do the forbidden premarital mating? Then join us and commit all the infidelity possible!

We aren't just any horny kids server, no! We offer absolutely nothing!!! Free of charge. Anyways we are an anarchy server, meaning we do not have rules, but be smart lol. But just because we do not have rules doesn't mean we have nothing at all. For example...

Cons - We offer condos anytime you want or need them! I legit mean it we're consistent with what we do. "cough" me "cough"

Music - Well we have one music bot just to chill if you want lol, the vcs and stuff are usually empty.

Bots - We do in fact have dank memer and our very own self made bot pog. "cough" I made it "cough". Also feel free to recommend any other bots such as music or currency related or idk anything pog.

Custom roles - Well we have some custom roles lol. Enough to where you should be satisfied but if were missing something you might want feel free to tell us. "cough" me "cough.

Leveling system, Leveling roles, Custom emojis - Pog what server doesn't have these?

More - Yus.

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