↫ "War Dancer's Rocket Shop"↬

「 ✨We’re a newly formed guild of few members but, with lots of amenities. 」

⌘| Our mission is to meet new friends and form a home of sorts for us all in this new discord server.

⌘| We need people that would like to start fresh & build a community of friends “Together”

『| Private Voice Channels for All (always an open VC)』

『| Mee6 Premium, Economy, and rankings, - brink your premium account with you! 』

『|-All 3 – Premium Groovy Bots, Bot games, and leveling XP games for all 』

『❗“Among US”❗ ┖Game Manager Bot – with Voice Channels, Invite your friends, Channel Mutes, and unmutes for meetings. No more need for Text chat! 』

┖Join and select the “@AmongUS” role when you join and the bot will manage your game and voice chat. 』

『| 16 different Video-game titles with supported channels – w/Tracker bots 』

  • 「➣ | Rocket League」
  • 「➣ | CoD-MW-BO」
  • 「➣ | AmongUS」
  • 「➣ | Rainbow 6」
  • 「➣ | FORTNITE」
  • 「➣ | Rust」
  • 「➣ | Minecraft」
  • 「➣ | Valorant 」
  • 「➣ | 8 Other game titles 」

『We are a mixture of people from varying locations, and age groups, older and younger. Most of us have gamed together for years.』

『We have all met over the years from gaming community to gaming community just like this one and we’re looking for more friends to join us. We can be found as far north as Canada and as far south as Florida, California to as far east as India, Belgium, and the UK.』

『We wish to share with the youth of today the adventure, sportsmanship, comradery, and the thrill of the hunt, of the world of “Video Gaming” in a safe and clean environment without all the negativity and toxicity that exists in the world today.』

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