Welcome to the FergusST Discord Server! This is a development group for the Microsoft Flight Simulator, usually for creating North American freeware/Payware sceneries, but also a General Aviation Turboprop aircraft aswell. Feel free to join! Current Projects include: Freeware: British Columbia: HA01- HA10 - Harbour Air Seaports Pack - (Not including Whistler, plans incoming) ETA: July-August Nova Scotia: CYHZ - Halifax Stanfield Intl Airport (Active Again) ETA: Late summer-end of year Russia: Big Diomede Bushstrip (Unstarted) ETA: June 20-30 Other: OUZL - The Ouzel - Private GA Turboprop (Active again) ETA: 2022-2023 Payware: British Columbia: Whistler (Maybe) - Unplanned, Unstarted Nova Scotia: CYZX - CFB Greenwood - Planned, Unstarted

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