Atarashii is a Discord server that includes gaming, anime and manga. We also have gaming events and watch parties hosted by server staff. You can collect a variety of sweet shiny roles by being active, leveling up, and snatching a spot on the leaderboards. There are multiple bots and games you can play to keep you busy in channels, which consists of earning money, casino games, anime card collecting, gathering harem members, and battling pokemon. We also cover topics like art, books, culinary, movies and shows, music, pets, photography, programming sports, and you can even get help with your homework. Atarashii also has a fresh server-exclusive roleplaying world entitled “Atarashi”, where you can create your own original character for the fantasy universe with multiple locations at your disposal. Join to have all this along with more in-server features in the official Atarashii server!

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