Welcome to Centrum, the City of Possibilities! This DnD server is open to all even if you are not well experienced with DnD as a whole, we have lots of great staff that will help you create your character. If you want your character to have some unique characteristics we got you with the expansive knowledge of the staff and the large leniency on home brew content. Right now we are fairly small and are hoping to find lots of active community members to chat and roleplay with us. Even if you do not wish to roleplay there is a great community that is active at most times during the day. Our Server has lots of Different Activities to do: ⭐️Quests ⭐️Expeditions ⭐️Roleplay ⭐️General Chatting UPCOMING EVENT At the Centum we want to bring the community closer by adding a faction aspect to the server. This is planned to happen at anytime during the next week. We hope that you join today and make a playable character to join one of these factions and make them grow with your help!

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