Hey there, it me Spike! I wanna invite you to a starting community! It's for Streamers, Gamers, and Memes!

We offer:

  • A laid-back community
  • Free Advertising for your Streams and YouTube channel
  • I am willing to create bots that post when you are going online on Twitch!
  • Bots that post information to topics you are interested in (Including but not limited to LoL News, Game Deals, Twitch News, Best new music tracks etc)
  • Trashy meme trends we post 'till they die!

We are looking for:

  • People that enjoy music a lot and like to listen to music with others!
  • Sh*tposters
  • Console Fans and PC Masterrace Enjoyers
  • Small streamers that are looking for a place to advertise their streams at!
  • Twitch viewers interested in connecting with streamers!

I am looking forward to meet you at the BPP Gang!

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