Syca is a home base clan for gamers, The Sycas primary goal and vision is to encompass every aspect of games for its members. We provide a family feel and host many different game nights and events. We are new and have tons of experience in gaming and running orgs. We are here to stay! Thank you for choosing Sycas


Here at Sycas, we want our members to be able to have fun. You can talk to other members in the general chat, share images, or talk in a voice channel.


Syca has multiple chances for you to have fun while playing Games. We have channels to find people to play with.


Syca also has a chance for streamers and YouTubers to share and promote their content. If you aren’t a streamer or YouTuber, it’s still a great chance to find some new content and have fun watching it.

Staff and members

Syca is also looking for Clan members and staff (there is an application in our discord)

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