Enter the Eastern Isles-

A strange place in which islands from different places in time and reality go ‘missing.’ Join in the search for information on why the sea seems to summon these places and consume them just as quickly. Find yourself lost in the worlds these islands provide, and perhaps discover things purposefully lost.

Engram is a newer 18+ D&D 5e Westmarches server, seeking out both players to fill our living world and DM’s to help craft it. When you join us, you can expect

▪ A Growing Community with evolving systems to suit our players

▪ Friendly, Fair Staff

▪ A Lore-Rich Living World

▪ Roleplay Focused Play-by-Posts

▪ Combat Focused Arenas

▪ Full Avrae Integration

▪ Quests Offered in Play-by-Post and Voice Chat Formats

▪ Guilds and New Areas yet to discover and unlock

▪ Homebrew- A large variety and willing to approve more!

And much more! We’re looking to grow and are always willing to listen to your opinions. If you have any questions, please contact our admin team or the server owner @Hijinx#7350!

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