broccoli gang

Welcome to broccoli... gang? I am looking for active members to build a good and fun community .

We have ⤷『?』 cool emojis and stickers ⤷『?』 international chat ⤷『?』 absolutely no @ everyone pings ⤷『 ? 』 completely SFW ⤷『?』 some listing channels ⤷『?』 counting so you can get better at math #smallbrain ⤷『?』 over 70 members to talk with

If we get 100 members that would be EPIC and im also going to try to do a nitro giveaway if we reach that goal so please join! this server is also a boosted, so pretty cool

It would mean a lot if you joined. you dont have to join...

but i wouldn't risk it... ?
just kidding

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