We are a Discord typing community offering free services for those who are unsure about their type and are interested in being typed by us using personality systems such as:

โ€ข MBTI

โ€ข Enneagram

โ€ข Socionics

โ€ข AP

โ€ข 4Temperaments

We welcome all typology enthusiasts to join in with us, here where you can meet and discuss personality theories with other members, among various fun and interesting channels for all members to explore!

We are also looking for new typists and people to join the Team:

โ€ข we offer several materials and resources to help you learn more about typology and can improve your skills

โ€ข you can Craft your own Channel, embrace your own style and have your own Clients!

โ€ข you will have a very supportive Lead and a Team behind your back that will help you along the way!

Our services are entirely volunteer-based, so we have a lot of clients and are a fast-growing community - Therefore we've decided to give preference to members who are active on our server and show support โค๏ธ

Join our server and let us know you are interested!

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