+ₓ˚. ˚CUMALOT˚ .˚ₓ

▬▬▬⫸about us‧₊୧

Cumalot is a community where long distance/online partners can engage in dynamics and play sessions. We wanted a place we felt safe to play in online, one with a sense of community and security.

We strive to be an environment where you can discover yourself, BDSM, and explore your kinks, regardless of whether you're an old pro or a total kink newbie. We are brat and little friendly and are a LGBTQIA+ inclusive space. We hope you join us!

Yes, we're a kink server but we also welcome new friends! You never have to obtain the roles to get to the back room unless you want to. The lobby is mostly lewd-free.


꒰ 18+ - We're a fully ID gated 18+ NSFW server and require verification with govt. ID. prior to gaining any access to chats in the server. We also accept verification through Ripple! Verify once with Ripple and gain access to a plethora of 18+ servers! ꒱


⊹ Vetted kink spaces ꒰vetting takes a month and requires attending a 101 class꒱

▸ Weekly classes, staff demonstrations in the lobby, and events~

⊹ Caregivers! Sometimes we need a little peer support.

⊹ Active staff!

▸ Giveaways : Daily game giveaways Stray giveaway ends 7/25 Dead by Daylight giveaway happens at 200 verified members! Lovense giveaway happens at 500 verified members!

⊹ Safe for Work spaces~

▸ Wonderful and welcoming members, we care about our Community!

⊹ Twice-daily Trivia

▸Confession booth

⊹ Squirrel cam, with squirrel ping if a squirrel shows up

▸ Question of the Day

⊹ Server economy! Earn, spend, and gamble Cummies

▸ React roles

⊹ Wordle bot

▬▬▬⫸the back room ‧₊୧

The back room has:

⊹ Lewds and nudes!

▸ Lovense links

⊹ Public and private playrooms

▸ Member Auctions! Find a temporary play partner, or a not-so-temporary-one?

⊹ Porn! (We do not allow leaked OF content)

▸ Exhibitionism channels


Weekly events!

──» Wednesday - Series watch party

──» Friday - BDSM 101 followed by staff lobby demonstration

──» Saturday - NSFW Truth or Dare

──» Sunday - Movie Night

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