So, what if the world ended? There weren’t massive explosions or a meteor destroying everything in a giant cloud of dust. No, it was something that took more time. It was people that led to the downfall of man. The ultimate in self-sabotage. In the end, it was the supernatural beings. Magic users and immortals stepped in to preserve what they could and renamed this new world Requiem.

So, to put things into perspective. We are a site centered around a supernatural version of an apocalyptic world. There is life inside the domes and life outside of them. Life outside is vastly different, it’s a barren wasteland of greed and cruelty. Within the domes? Well, everything carries on as usual. You can play characters within Requiem or out in earth’s wasteland.

♛ We are an 18+ discord. We utilize adult themes on our site and as such, we will not allow anyone under that age to join us.

♛ We strive to be a literate roleplay - but we will also not turn anyone away based on ability. We are all here to write. All here to enjoy ourselves and being elitists is not what we strive to be.

♛ We wish to be an ever-evolving and immersive world and we will ask all of you what YOU want to play. If you have suggestions, offer them to us! We want to build this world with you. Not around you.

♛ Inclusive. We do not tolerate out-of-character bullying or any form of racism or prejudice.

♛ Types of races allowed: Vampires, Humans, Witches, Demons, Angels, Lycanthropes [Multiple Types], and ‘other’. The sky is the limit. Within reason.

♛ Multiple Channels for public role-plays as well as offering Categories that the players themselves can control for private play.

♛This is a supernatural modern RP but it still errs on the side of realism. For that reason, we want the face claims to remain actual people versus a drawing, anime, and other non-realistic images.

♛ This is an original role-play and as such we do not allow fandom characters. Take inspiration but no making Thor, at least not the marvel version. [Marvel etc]

♛ The link below will take you to all of our current reading material.

We are still new!! Important links

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