Welcome to Curatzao! We are a unique blend of Medieval meets Steampunk!

We hope you will join us and use your wits and imagination to help control and shape our world! Just remember, the world will shape you too!

We offer: ✦ Welcoming staff & a friendly atmosphere ✦A rich original lore ✦A variety of roles and custom colors ✦RP Events ✦Music, Game streaming and VC channels ✦Art/Picture share

Our active member base is a relatively new but we understand that not everyone is in a good place to be actively involved. So you don't have to submit an OC unless you want to as all are welcome to simply be an observer!

We have a template sheet to help you create your OC's. And our staff are always happy to guide you through any issues you might face be that character creation or how the world works! We also have detailed documents that describe Magics, Races and the basics of the worlds!

We do have a species document but as long as you can fit your idea into one of the main categories we are open to all races (Unless its part of our forbidden list). This world is so diverse your OC could be anything! You can be an avian steampunk inventor or a Half-Giant farmer! They could even be a blood thirsty dictator hellbent on overthrowing the current society. This is a world filled with opportunities. You'll make your own choices and forge your own destiny!

Learning about our expansive world isn't too difficult; we have a map for you to fully understand the lay of the land.

We thank you for taking the time to read all this, and hope to see you soon!

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