Welcome to a brand new community designed for music enthusiasts, by music enthusiasts. Tha Hotspot introduces a place for aspiring artist/producers/collectives to get together to speak collaborations into existence. If you're looking for a place to get your music heard, and be amongst a server full of like-minded individuals that wanna jump-start their musical adventures, then look no further. With everything from critiquing your art, to even viewing someone's new project within our 'Release Party' feature, Tha Hotspot has what you need to get you off the ground, and ready to work.

Designed by a fellow artist/producer, Tha Hotspot was envisioned as a tightly-knit community that helps everyone get a piece of the win. Looking for collaborations and help with elevating your sound has never been easier. Once inside the server, you're sure to find something to do. Whether it be just vibing and listening to music, or getting straight to work with our Studio Workplace section, there is now truly a place that musicians can finally start practicing their craft on Discord.

The server is equipped well and easy to maneuver through, with channels that're specific, and greatly self-explanatory. From hearing new and unreleased tracks that you can't find anywhere else, to even getting the upper hand on new sounds to use on your very own softwares, the tools are gifted to each and every one of our users. There's no belief in any single person having an advantage, as we believe that everyone deserves to have the keys to success. If we've got it, so do our users. We all win here.

Please, if you're an aspiring musician, take some time out of your day to come and be a part of something big. This place is designed for everyone to show support for fellow artists, as well as elevate their own craft. The goal we hold for this server is to help someone gain the motivation to turn their experiences and hardships into gold, through music. If we can impact even one user, it would mean the absolute world to us as a collective set.

Thank you all for your time, and get ready to win. Tha Hotspot is OUR community.

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