Welcome to BGS Trading, Fun and MORE

What we offer: Warm Welcomes (from Sx4 welcomer bot) Announcements to keep you updated Events for fun Rules for keeping everyone safe and treated fairly Reports for people breaking rules Partners (like advertising) Giveaways (not often but sometimes) Chatting Suggestions for the server BGS Trading Win lose or equal on trades that you did Secret pet hatches to keep updated on hatches by people New (Recent) Codes from BGS A Trading bot to make trades using the bot Posting Pictures Random Pictures Flexing Counting for fun Idle miner Starboards for reactions Economy (unbelievaboat) Logs to look threw what is going on/what people are doing Sports games, news, standings and more! (miscellaneous) Math to do calculations! (miscellaneous) Rocket league prices and trading! (miscellaneous) BGS Reddit posts! (miscellaneous) Talking!

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