This is a 1.17.1 java exclusive vanilla anarchy server (without hacks). The goal of this server is to have a long term vanilla survival anarchy experience, excluding hacks, and without ever changing the world. The only plugins that exist are Core Protect, World Edit, Luck Perms, and Drop Mob Heads. The idea is as simple as that, and if this is the server for you, then all you've gotta do now is read and follow everything in #rules, then go ahead and join by using the IP in #server-ip!

For more details on how the Discord server works, you can also go to #reaction-roles to give yourself a couple of roles, and if you pick @Notifications, then you will receive a ping every time there's something new to check out in announcements. #rank-roles shows a list of roles you can earn over time by talking, which will give you rewards listed in that channel. Every time you level up, it will appear in #ranking. Finally, anytime someones joins or leaves the server, it will show up in #portal.

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