Welcome! Bienvenido! Bienvenue! Willkommen! ようこそ!To the Wings Of Liberty multilingual server. We are a social change community in ambition for our fundamental human rights and freedom; life to a liberated society — our current state of living is in turmoil. We want to find solutions, inspire, and maintain positive contact with everyone. Share your visions of a better world and the path to reach our goals. We move forward in seeking truth and belonging. We can be found on Discord, MeWe, and Reddit.

⒈ This community is not an off-topic environment; such context should remain within the OFF-TOPIC category. Associate your interference in the server with corresponding languages and categories.

⒉ Portraying anyone negatively is contrary to who we are as living beings. Stay positive; projecting onto others does not solve problems. Collaborate to an intelligent involvement in the community.

⒊ Share posts which the overall public can relate with favor. We do not accept context that may be inappropriate for family and friends. Being a welcoming community is essential for inspiring everyone to stand for what is right.

⒋ Promotional posts must be directed to staff before sharing publicly; otherwise, removal is without warning. Thank you.

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