Looking for an interesting Steven Universe discord?

Join our server! We know the server is brand new and quite small to start out with, but we can grow the server together and make the community engaging and interesting for everyone. I have experience of moderation on numerous platforms including numerous discord servers and have years of experience creating servers.

We are trying to make this community as big as it can, and a fun place for all Steven universe fans to hang out. I know there are other Steven Universe communities out there but I want this one to be special and to hold a unique feeling to the [SU] fan-base out there.

I hope to see you join the [SU] community and spend some time getting to know the members. If this isn't convincing you, then maybe check some of the fun features?

  • Interesting panels throughout the server
  • Interesting bots to hang with (handy if you're anti-social -hehe)
  • Fun giveaways
  • interactive roleplays/channels
  • Engaging community

And this is just the beginning, we are hoping you can shed some light on the server by sharing your suggestions and helping us grow it.

So come on down and say hi to Steven!

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