Community Name: MARITIME MONSTERS Game Style: D&D 5E | Discord | Avrae Way We Play: RP Heavy | Text/Chat RP Additional Info: Planescape Mini-Marches | Soft launch 24-7RP based living-world style play where you can take your characters on adventures with or without a DM present. Our bots and aliases will roll random events for you and your adventuring party to explore! Join a guild or solo quests aboard the Spelljammer Emperyean where you will be tasked with traveling to the various planes of existence to collect missing persons, bounties, hunt mythical beasts, and more! Work with NPCs to develop a reputation among the ships crew and unlock crafting abilities, tools, proficiencies and gain access to hidden factions!
? 18+ Mature audiences only
? Starting level 3
? Player PVE Encounters | Hoards
? Custom Encounter Tables and Drops
? Automated Leveling Progression
? Complex Pet/Companion System
? Detailed Harvesting Mechanics
? Guild Progression and Perks

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