Life&Love ❤️ is a new growing server made for sharing your favorite things in life and spread love around the world! Its a place where we can all express ourselves for who we are! ? We want to spread positivity by mixing a little bit life with a little bit of love, so we can all share our thoughts and things we love! Make yourself comfy in this server and spend time making new friends, finding love, and having fun with different bots! • Use our LIFE section to chat with friends, use life bots, share life quotes and motivational notes, and tell us about your life ambitions, achievements and confessions! • Use our LOVE section to chat in our special love chatroom ❤️, use love bots, give Love advice, post your vents and love notes, and much more! • Have fun with our own minigames channel, share your art, see your zodiac ♌ and match it with your friends, share your playlists, and show us your fluffy pets! We are looking forward to having you with us, and we hope you enjoy your stay here!

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