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“U-Um... Hello. If you're listening to this, I might be dead. Or in hiding. Doesn't matter. Okay, back on topic. We already got soldiers fighting them off; they're almost all dead or converted to more of those... things... The Inklings and Octolings keep saying they want to help, but we know they aren't allowed to. D-Don't worry, they're fine as of this being recorded. ....Great. The Entities got through the defensive system. I gotta get going. This is Shari, Signing off.”

╔═══════════════╗ Welcome, Soldier! ╚═══════════════╝ If it weren't for a strange phenomenon, they would be at their homes, living their lives. But no, they were sent here for some reason. A Generally full land filled with lush greenery and rather lot of supplies. Mysterious threats lurk in every corner they turn. And you need to be aware that the war will never end, not while she's ruling over them. »»————- ➴ ————-««

Welcome to Review†Renew (Formerly World War Ultima), a Semi-Toxic, Multi-Fandom, Combat roleplay server, welcome to all! Pick your species, grab some gear, and get to exploring!

»»————- ➴ ————-«« What we will offer:

We offer the following--

• Various fandom choices, the skys, and the rules, the limit!

• Various OOC Channels for various topics

• Multiple secrets to uncover about the world you are in

• Bots like Pokétwo, Dank Memer, Color-Chan, Fredboat, OwO, Reviver, Tupperbox, and more to come!

• A server welcome to all levels of literacy!

• An advertising channel for you to promote your server, bot, social media, and more!

• Support Channels for when you need it

• Channels for multiple topics

• Events!

 And some more to come!

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