Welcome to the official JiloVirals.xyz discord support server!

If you love movies and series as much as we do, then you've come to the right place. Have fun and lots of good chatting! ❤

What do in our discord server:

  • ?・Information ➡ Get updates about our server or website for important info, we do also host events and giveaway (Coming Soon), you can also get info about all our server roles and also het notify roles so that we don't have to ping everyone.

  • ?・Support ➡ Get help from the website or if you have any type of questions or report bugs if found on the website or request that a series or movie that is not on our site it will be added and etc.

  • ?・Chat ➡ Chat with community or introduce yourself or talk about your favourite series movies that you like.

  • ?・Bot Stuff ➡ You can use bot cmds in our server.

  • ?・Entertainment & Media ➡ Send pictures or videos in media, talk about gaming stuff, or send us a fan art you will get a Artist role if one of the staff likes your fan art.

  • ?・Fun Bots ➡ Play games on our server their are a lot so we have created gategory for each bot to be used.

  • ?・Voice ➡ Talk to the community in voice channels if you don't have a mic but want still want to talk we have created a no mic chat for those who don't have mic.

  • ?・Stage ➡ When we host a stage we the staff would talk to the community about stuff like movies and series and other stuff to and you can also join the conversation with the staff to if they pick you.

  • ?・Music ➡ Listen to music with others must be at Level 3 in order to use the music cmds.

  • ?・Activities Gaming ➡ Play voice activities games like Watch Together, Sketch Heads, Know What I Meme, and so much more to.

  • ?・Booster Hangout ➡ a channel where all our Server Boosters and Level 40 and 50 members can chat and talk in voice channels to.

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