Welcome to Beach Academy High (18+) a friendly all welcoming chill roleplay server for adults

Are you looking for a new 18+ roleplay server? where you can be yourself with others perhaps have a little bit of fun? Maybe you wanna try some kinky stuff and/or BDSM. Or do you wanna talk about some crazy kinks? Oh! Maybe you just wanna find an active server with the same peeps or just looking to start a new beginning? Beach Academy High invites anyone who wants to!

➤ Academy School / Beach Island Setting

➤ Non/Mixed RP General Chats

➤ Events with Holidays & Server

➤ Private Dorms/Category (Level Rewards)

➤ Create Clubs (Level Reward)

➤ TupperBot Optional

➤ Memes, Random NSFW, Anime Suggestions

➤ Custom Bots & Badges (Roles)

➤ Currency System + Store For RP

➤ BDSM allowed with consent!

➤ Kinks and Fetishes are allowed with consent!

➤ Tons of NSFW Emotes/Stickers for Nitro Users.

Server Lore: Long ago a war started between several countries. The war had moved along the middle of the lands as millions were slaughtered. People were looking for ways out of the war. A hidden island was found as everyone who escaped war and entered became different species. There were now different humanoid creatures who live in this city called Coconut City. A place of home, safe from war and peace. One day Coconut city was attacked and history was told that a special group defended the island and now wants students to learn the masteries of power that were only thought of as mythical fairy tales. Coconut City is in a safe time period and powers must be built no matter the cost so nothing like what happened before comes again. Students are there to train, fight and have fun while training for the City.

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