The City of Crossepoint is a 5e West Marches Dungeons and Dragons server for players 18+.

Hello! We are a West Marches that is looking for people who love to play Dungeons and Dragons as well as roleplay and bring characters to life in a beautiful homebrew setting with consistent lore and daily sessions which are easy to fit into your schedule. We have many roleplay channels for those who love to create a story and grow their characters with others while enjoying the setting. We are very active with a number of DM's with their own storylines as well as overarching server events that run games/one-shots which total out to about 10-18 new games being run each week.

We welcome anyone from any experience whether you are new to the hobby or have already fallen in love with it. As long as you bring some new character ideas and a fresh outlook we are happy to have you!

Our server is simple and easy to maneuver and we are continually finding new ways to make sure everyone is having a good time and getting extra content out there as well. We converse on Discord for voice/text and we use the Roll20 VTT exclusively to run games.

More than anything, we are all nerds and lovers of DnD and want nothing more than to bring people together and play while offering a safe environment for you to enjoy yourselves.

Hopefully, this interests you, and we'll see you soon!~

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