·˚ ༘₊· ͟͟͞͞꒰➳ pluto’s lovely lounge is a SFW and NSFW anime themed pink server with an aesthetic setup! we welcome anybody!


here in this server, we have/offer..

  • ? a cute aesthetic setup + a few dedications here and there

  • ? good boosters + booster perks (currently at lvl 3)

  • ? leveling system and shop+currency system

  • ?become a pet owner and adopt different members as pets with shop feature !

  • ? tickets support

  • ? fun channels with things like daily questions, occasional games, etc.

  • ? A variety of cute and funny emojis and stickers, role display emojis

  • ? themed channels that include art, animals, lgbtq+, furry and more!

  • ? Our self assign roles are very inclusive, with things like age regression channels and disability/disorder roles, and we also have therianthropy/otherkin channels! we have resource channels on plurality and therianthropy.

  • ? useful + fun bots which some have their own separate channels; some of these bots include music bots to listen to music, and truth or dare and trivia bots! we also have tupperbox and pluralkit for systems! we also have a mental health bot! We also use custom commands for various things like stimboard gifs!

-?An adopts channel for artists to share their characters for others to claim!

  • ? main channels are majority SFW, but we have optional NSFW channels that have different themes and have active members that can be given access to from a mod or owner by a role if wanted after 13-17 age verification

  • ? friendly and non-judgemental mods/owners, we are LGBTQ+ and POC based!

  • ? self-assign roles along with achievable roles!

  • ?funny memes and funny people

  • ? 24 hour lofi vc, and occasional other music events!

  • ? A vent channel that is open for anyone to express how they feel along with a role made specifically full of comforting people that you can tag at anytime for a response ASAP!

  • ? A self advertising channel for things like social medias, your servers, music, youtube channels etc!

  • ? Occassional updates in the server

  • ? Giveaways and sales!

«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»

?What we’re looking for?

  • Active members

  • New mods

  • Non-judgemental people

NOTICE: * this server is still under construction, if you have any advice or constructive criticism, please let us know! * ╰──────༺♡༻──────╯

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