This server includes many different channels that cane help your experience be ineradicable! The first one I would like to talk about is self roles. We have a range of different roles you may choose from my interacting with the messages. Then we have a channel for profile pictures. When you click it creates a new channel for you and some of our best profile picture makers will ask you how you want it and then make it. Then we have Bot-Commands witch is used to handle all of our different bots such as Arcane, Carl-Bot and Dank Memer. We don't like ping, so we created a announcement system that prevents random pings. Random, daily and important announcement that you can get in the reaction role channel. This is so you can choose one what scale of importance you want to be pinged on. We also use random announcement for polls witch anyone can ask a question. Our group of staff our very friendly and will be glad to to try and help you with anything you need! We also have channels for content creator such as advertisement, clips and new ideas to keep the posting. We are also constantly looking out for potential new staff members and you can full out a form and you might be hired!

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