Hey guys,

My name is Dizzy, and I set out to create the most epic community driven RP server on FiveM called ArrogantRP. But of course I cannot do it without you telling me what you do! Feel free to swing by and say hello, and maybe even fly into the city!

I aim to create an effortless server for your own enjoyment and to tingle your dopamine receptors by rewarding our players with stacks for their actions unlike other cities making their players grind on day in and out and no time to spend doing what's important, Roleplaying and hanging out with friends!

We offer loads of passive income features, such as hourly paychecks starting from $50,000 an hour! Crypto sticks rewarding with QBits, worth a shocking $48,750 each!

Ofcourse we have businesses and other player based activities you can do all customized for ArrogantRP experience.

The server is in noway finished, and there is constant work being put into it, but I can think of only so much by myself.

I will need Faction leaders for LSPD and EMS, these will be hand picked by myself as well as my staff members. I want to hire within the community to build something out of this gaming world.

Will you join my journey?

Our discord: https://discord.gg/FPScKbuM3h

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